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How to Choose a Longarm Quilter - Quilting Choices

Hey All - 

We're back again for week two! Today we're chatting about Quilting options with a Longarm Quilter! We will talk about Edge-to-edge/pantograph quilting, Computerized quilting and Custom Quilting plus you choices for batting & thread! 

Whew - who knew there were so many decisions to make when taking a quilt to a Longarm Quilter! Hopefully this will help you make those decision and narrow down the choices! As always, once you've found a quilter you trust you can leave some of those decisions to their expertise! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or (longarmers out there) any more to add! 

Oh, also - the wonderful computerized quilting photos are thanks to Jonni Myrick of iQuilt Alaska! Thanks Jonni! :) 

Happily Quilting,

Enjoli :) 

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