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Free PDF Downloads


Free PDF Downloads

These PDF Downloads are FREE resources for you. Please feel free to share them with others that may find them useful!

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Bobbin Thread Trick for Machine Quilting

This PDF gives you step by step instructions on how to secure and bring up your bobbin thread while machine quilting. Useful if you do not have a thread cutter, want to bury your threads or are just in the middle of your quilt! 

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Tip Sheet on “How to Prep your Quilt for Longam Quilting”

This download will give you some suggestions on how to prepare your quilt for a longarm quilter. Created as a collaboration of Alaska Longarm Collective.


Troubleshooting Tips for the Bernina Q24 Longarm

This PDF will give you a few ideas on how to troubleshoot common machine quilting issues, with specific reference to the Bernina Q24.