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How to Choose a Longarm Quilter - Vlog Series

Hey All!! 

Thanks for joining me here on the blog! I am excited to bring you this series on "How to Choose a Longarm Quilter". It is something we get asked A LOT at Seams Like Home - and something I've been trying to take measures to help folks figure out! 

Obviously, as much as I would LOVE to quilt for everyone, there just isn't enough time in the day. Plus, there are so many talented quilters out there, and even more of you all that are making tops faster than we can quilt them! 

In this first Vlog I'll give you a preview of topics we'll cover and then we'll chat a little about What exactly is a Longarm Quilter, why would you use one, how do you choose and what questions you should be asking. 

I hope I can bring you some good information and help you in your decision making process!

Let me know if you have any further questions. Leave a comment below or email me @ and I will answer questions in next week's Vlog post before we dive into the new stuff! 

:) Enjoli 

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