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Sew Many Colors Contest

One day I was browsing Pinterest...(you're scared already, aren't you?) and I stumbled across an AMAZING mini quilt.

I hunted and searched for a pattern - only to find out there wasn't one.

And then about a month ago, THE MOST MIRACULOUS THING HAPPENED!!!! There was finally a pattern AND it was a contest AND it combined two of my favorite things: Aurifil threads and Kona Cottons! (Ahh, and then my life was complete!)

I dug out ALL my Kona and ALL my Aurifil, and got to work!

I had such a hard time choosing my Kona colors (and then choosing my Aurifil colors), so I ended up with the teal family, plus a grey and chartreuse green because why not?! I decided that I wanted to represent a few of the different weights of thread Aurifil makes because they are all so wonderful.

In my interpretation of Sew Many Colors, you can see I have two each of Aurifil 12wt., 28wt., 40wt., 50wt., and 80wt. I tried to match the corresponding thread color and weight, but in my excitement I may not have paid attention to thread colors I could get my hands on quickly! In the end the quilting was done in a variety of 28 to 80 wt. Aurifil threads.

I love Aurifil in every weight!

I love Aurifil in every weight!

Threads I used to Quilt My mini

Threads I used to Quilt My mini

If you want to vote in the contest, make a mini for yourself or just want to check out the other entries head over to the Aurifil blog to check them out: Sew Many Colors Contest.

And if you think mine is "not too shabby" please give me a vote! Part of the prize is having your mini quilt hanging in the Aurifil booth at Spring Quilt Market, which would be SO COOL!

One day I will make the "270 colors" quilt, and it will be magical!

Happy Quilting,

Enjoli :)