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Life & Broken Toys

Isn't it amazing how on top of the world you feel when things are going your way?! The sun is brighter, the kids are better behaved (ha-well it seems like it anyway) and life is pretty dandy!

But what happens when things don't go our way - Armageddon, melt-down city (me and the kids), I drop more things and spill more milk; or that's how it feels anyway!

Going into February I had grand visions of getting settled into our new (new rental-while we build our house) place, having a lovely romantic valentines day and quilting my heart out every week! I know you're all starting to get nervous about where this is headed...and rightly so.

My February turned into a mad scramble to get moved, settled and unpacked (still working on that), spending Valentines day dragging kids between houses to move things, and not  getting much quilting done. Turns out my machine needed some TLC - which lucky for me, she got, but couldn't be played with during that time.

Yep, I was wallowing in self pity!

And then I get the most glorious text ever, "Come play with your machine, I fixed her!". Picture me, giddy as my kids when I give them cookies! (And yes I did say "her", she even has a name!)

And, as life does - house things got put away (aka pushed aside), life settled down and I snuck away for a few glorious hours of bonding with my machine!

I could go deep here and say that things always find a way of working out, or that you have to ride out the storm to appreciate the sun, but to be totally honest - I'm just a much happier person when I get my quilting time!

Hope your February has a lot more LOVE than Broken Toys!

Happy Quilting,

Enjoli :)