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It. Is. Happening!

I guess it is time to admit that this is happening - my Bernina Q24, 13 foot longarm machine has arrived at the shop! This week hubby and I will be getting her set up in my studio space! This has been something I've been dreaming up for the last couple years and it feels scary and amazing that it is all coming together. l already have a few beautiful quilts in queue and I can't wait to get them loaded! Thank you to the folks who have already believed in me and my quilting!

Before I get too far into this adventure, I need to thank a few people for helping me get started -

My mom, who this would not have been possible without her generosity with her business space and the shop long arm. She has been unrelentingly supportive and is always the first one to like my Doodle page Facebook posts! How did I get so lucky to have such an amazing woman to encourage and support me!

Angela Walters, who inspired me to first start quilting, who I admired from afar through her books and online classes and finally had the pleasure to become friends with. Thanks for the final push, and your support despite your own busy schedule!

Thank you to my hubby for supporting me and my big ideas, for being willing to let me step out on this adventure and always really looking at my quilting!

I look forward to helping you finish your projects!

Happy Quilting,