Hi there – I’m Enjoli Strait, the owner and quilter behind Doodle Quilting Studio!

I have been a machine quilting addict since 2010! And have enjoyed longarm quilting the last few years on the Bernina Q24 machine!

My family owns a fabric and sewing machine shop, Seams Like Home, in Anchorage, AK where I live. I am fortunate to have my studio space within our shop, where I also teach Free-Motion Quilting, as well as run our Long arm Rental program.

I have been dreaming up the idea for Doodle Quilting Studio for the last year or so – working up the courage to tell my husband what I wanted to do! Finally, I blurted it all out one day – and he said “Great, how do we do this!” Not the response I was expecting but definitely a clear sign to go ahead with my plans. I ran my ideas by a few people over the course of a few months, trying to make sure it wasn’t a crazy idea. I worked out a deal with my mom for some shop space and then realized “Oh boy, I’m actually going to do this!”.

Once I realized that I got a little nervous – was I really going to do this! As it turned out, our shop was hosting Angela Walters the summer this reality hit me. Over the course of chatting with her about teaching at our shop, we developed a friendship and she ended up mentoring me through the beginning stages. At one point in our conversation, she looked at me and said “Enjoli, it looks like all you needed was for someone to tell you ‘Go do it’.” To which I sheepishly smiled and said, “Yeah I guess so!”.

And here we are – so much of this made possible by my wonderful mom, my very understanding and supportive husband- and my mentor and friend Angela Walters!

I feel so incredibly thankful that I get to have this wonderful adventure! I look forward to adding a creative finish to your beautiful quilts!

Happily Quilting - Enjoli :)