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Frequently Asked Quilty Questions

Find all the answers to your quilting questions!

Frequently Asked Quilty Questions
& The Answers 


Q: What do I need to bring with me in order to have Doodle Quilting Studio (DQS) quilt my top?

A: You will need to bring your quilt top, batting & backing. Your quilt top must be squared and recently ironed. Your batting may be packaged or folded. Your backing needs to be squared and recently ironed.
If ironing needs to be done in order to get the top or backing loaded without wrinkles, you will be charge a Q.I (Quilters Inconvenience) fee of $15.00 - as that takes away from the time spent quilting!
I recommend at least 4 inches extra on all sides for your back! 

Q: What type of batting should I bring/buy?

A: I am not particular about what kind of batting you bring/buy, as long as it is quality*. I am, of course, more than happy to give my recommendations!  Conveniently enough, as my studio space is located within a quilt shop - you can purchase batting during your consultation or you may purchase batting directly from me. It will be included on your invoice when you pick up your quilt!  I tend to use Quilters Dream Cotton - Natural in the Select Loft OR Warm & Natural
*Examples of Quality battings: Quilters Dream Cotton, Warm & Natural, & Hobbs. (These ones are the higher quality battings, in my opinion) 

Want some more advice on How to Choose the Right Batting? Check out a great article from Suzy Quilts on exactly that subject! 

Q: What about thread? Do I bring it? Will you provide it? Can I use it as a form of payment?

A: The price of thread is included in the quilting fee! If you have a thread you would like me to use, I am open to that as long as it is one proven to run well on my machine. (She is pretty tolerant so in most cases, this should not be an issue. I will be up front if I think there might be an issue.) 
As much as I would LOVE to accept thread as a form of payment, certain monetarily-interested parties (the hubby) rather I do not!

Q: Speaking of thread, how many thread colors can I request be used on my top? What kind of thread will be used on my quilt?

A: I will gladly use up to two thread colors on your quilt if you have a specific request. If you want more than that however, there will be an extra thread charge of $2.00 per color change, as well as mandatory coffee deliveries for the duration of the work on your quilt!
As far the type of thread; I tend to work with Superior So Fine or Isacord, but thread options can be discussed. Superior  makes a variety of wonderful quilting threads!

Q: How long does it take for d.q.s to finish my quilt? What if I need it back quickly? 

A: Right now, I aim for a 2- week turn around, however, the goal at Doodle is to produce quality work, so if I believe it will take longer to work the quilty-magic on your top, I will most certainly let you know ahead of time!
This is also subject to the projected start date. You may drop off to me earlier than your projected start date, however, all quilts are done in order, so the turn around time is calculated from start date, not in-take date.


At this point I cannot accept "rush jobs" due to my time schedule!